Family Business Transfer: In everyday life, the prevailing view is that mediation is only used for the settlement of disputes, which are conducted in court. However, it is not rare that we encounter a living and work area in which there are many "disputes" which are not carried forward in court or other authority, but a proper access require and which are settled in a manner to that as much as possible should be painless and efficient for any person who is involved in the dispute. One such area is, for example, the family enterprise.

Considering the fact that the majority of trading companies today make (this one has the Limited Liability Companies in mind in the first place) have commenced business about 20 years ago in attack, appear more and more questions about the relationships of family members to each other in so-called . on family, generational change in the so-called. "family business," as well as the issues related to the balance between the personal and business life. This one aims during the resolution regarding the functioning of the family business, or it would at least have to be striven to maintain family harmony.