MEDIATION -  Mediation Law (Official Gazzete of Republic of Croatia 18/11) defines mediation as any procedure in which parties try to resolve their dispute with assistance of one or more mediators who help them to attain agreement, without authority to empose  obligatory solutions.

Mediation procedure, a part from being quick, economical, voluntary and informal, follows prescribed rules which  have to be considered. According to regulations of Mediation Law '' in case of interpreting stipulations of this Law one  should be guided by principles of integrity,  honesty and internationaly accepted standards of mediation expressed in European Union, United Nations and Council of Europe mediation law acts.

Questions that are not regulated with this Law should be resolved according to principles of voluntarism, efficiency of procedure and  equal treatment of involved parties, autonomy of parties  during the procedure, confidentiality of procedure and neutrality of the mediator.''

Experience indicates  that  litigation and dispute solving through mediation is not a sign of weakness but a smart desicion.

In other words:

''It will cost less, it will take less time, you will like it more and it will be accustomed to your particular needs.''